Electrical Control Programming

Electrical Control Programming SCADA Expertise

HSE is an authority on the process and control aspect of landfill gas flaring/management systems, outdoor greenhouse controls, and complete indoor hydroponic growing control systems.

HSE seamlessly integrates the electrical, mechanical and PLC programming into a project-specific customized SCADA system. A typical SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system provides the operator with user-friendly control graphics, data trending, alarm monitoring, remote data access, automatic report generation and much more.

A key advantage of an HSE system is our ability to fully customize the programming to suit each individual project. With specific processing equipment and custom programming, an HSE designed control system suits the unique needs of each site and customer.

Another key advantage HSE can boast, is the ability to customize the programming to suit the newest processing equipment available. Because HSE typically provides a turn-key approach, we are constantly on the cusp of industry and technological changes and can assess the advantage or disadvantage of newly offered processing equipment from a complete system perspective. With the ability to fully integrate all aspects of the control system and its equipment, our customer can have the confidence that comes with experience, that they have commissioned the most robust, up-to-date, and cost-effective system best suited to their needs.

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