HSE can not only provide cost-effective complete electrical solutions for their commercial customers, but they can also provide a unique turn-key approach for their niche greenhouse and landfill flaring system customers who require complete control systems, including but not limited to programming, instrumentation, full electrical installations, consulting, SCADA and much much more.

  1. Electrical Control Programming SCADA

    HSE is an authority on the process and control aspect of landfill gas flaring/management systems, outdoor greenhouse controls, and complete indoor hydroponic growing control systems.

  2. Electrical Construction

    HSE boasts an impressive electrical and process controls team. Full-time staff include Professional Engineers, Master Electricians, 309A Electricians and apprentices. Utilizing our entire staff HSE can provide to our industrial customers with all of their electrical and control needs.

  3. Industrial Controls And Field Service

    HSE provides sophisticated custom controls for a variety of customers and industries. With in-depth consulting and review before the program begins allows HSE to analyze and provide the more cost-effective control solutions for each individual customer.

  4. Customized Control Panels

    From the most basic to the most sophisticated SCADA control system each require a control panel to function. HSE designs and builds all our or control system panels in house at our fully stock shop, located in Norwich Ontario.

  5. Niche Landfill Control Flaring Systems

    HSE is the sole provider for all the electrical and control system needs for Enviro EMD, (a leading Canadian landfill gas management system provider). With the integrations of the control and SCADA system, HSE can provides to our customers a complete turn key custom designed solution for all their landfill gas management needs, all while being TSSA compliant.

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