Agmedica is a cannabis grow op that boasts More than 660,000sq ft of indoor growing and processing facility both in Chatham and London and processing

HSE is the sole supplier to Agmedica bioscience for all of their:

  1. All growing and mechanical controls systems,
  2. Power design and distribution,
  3. Electrical service installs
  4. Maintenance and electrical trouble shooting
  5. Back up electrical generation,
  6. New site electrical and power consulting


HSE also specialized in the controls systems for both outdoor green house and indoor hydroponic growing operations. With over 2 decades servicing this industry, HSE has the background, knowledge and experience to incorporate into our customized control system and processing equipment the ease of future maintenance and expansion

With close collaboration with our customer and using the most up to date modern technologies, HSE can customize and provide the most cost-effective system required for each individual customer allowing the grow master to maximize his output in each of his specific growing cycles.

From the most sophisticated to more simplified systems, HSE will design and install the most appropriate system to address each customer unique needs.

As a full-service long-term maintenance, PM, and troubleshooting resource, we design our system with the most economical, and readily available equipment to ensure that the system we provided is robust, up to date, and easily maintained.