AgMedica Bioscience Inc. is a cannabis growing operation that boasts future plans on being one of the largest indoor growing and processing facilities in Canada. HSE is the sole service supplier to AgMedica Bioscience Inc., including but not limited to the following: All growing and mechanical controls systems Power design and distribution Electrical service installs […]

  Enviro EMD is a landfill flare and gas management system provider serving municipalities and general contractors across Canada. HSE is the sole supplier for all the electrical and control requirements for Enviro EMD. HSE further supports Enviro EMD with: System control panel design and build Custom programming of PLC Custom designed SCADA (Supervisory Control […]

  Lakeview Greenhouses and Farm is a modern greenhouse complex that produces a wide variety of vegetable premier seedings. Their complex is equipped with state of the art climate control, watering, fertigation, seeding and tracking systems. HSE provides Lakeview with: All electrical requirements Design and custom programming of control systems SCADA implementation and remote monitoring […]